There is no innovation without emulation

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All progress must have the right amount of visionary innovation and contact with the real world to be embraced by a large number of people. This is the compass with which which I direct my team and my projects: my idea of progress is necessarily an exponential improvement on what currently exists.
During the “first wave” of the pandemic, I found myself, like every businessman, trying to protect my company, and this meant, first and foremost, keeping my staff and their families, as well (of course) as my own, healthy. I never undervalue nature and try to study it to understand fully its dynamics. It is a bit like in school, when we were taught that part of the answer is already in the question: I realised that the solution was hidden in that nature that every so often appears hostile.
Immediately, I wanted to check whether my intuition was valid, so that I could find the best experts in every field as quickly as possible. It took just a couple of weeks to realise that the POP project would improve people’s lives and not just those directly in contact with me but potentially everyone, improving the lifestyle of society as a whole.
POP is called that because it is simply the most innovative technical device in the world, but it is intended to have popular appeal. It was designed and developed to adapt not only to any type of mask but also to any person: from those who wear a mask only to go outside and do a bit of shopping to those who for various reasons have to wear a mask for long periods.

Why is it so tiresome to wear a mask correctly?

Simply because we are not born wearing a mask and it is as if we have woken up to find we have an additional protuberance that has “grown” overnight. Our body needs time to adapt, but in this case there was no time.
Masks are still the most effective personal protection device. What we can do is make them so comfortable that it is no bother at all to wear one. POP works all day long and plays a social as well as a personal role: masks that are more of a pleasure to wear thanks to POP are a practical contribution to containing the pandemic.
Here is the dream team that I have put together for you.
POP is a dream made possible thanks to the synergy of a team of experts: I selected them personally from the top experts in our country.
Created from an idea inspired by the past and looking to the future, POP is the perfect synthesis of innovation, science and creativity.
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“I have designed and developed a pleasant and lasting neuro-olfactory fragrance.”
In the industry, he is called a “nose”: he is a professional who creates perfumes
A European authority on devising fragrances
He has the DNA of an olfactory professional: his father supplied the ylang-ylang essential oil of the iconic Chanel No. 5 perfume
The art of the perfect fragrance
“In my professional life, I have created fragrances that had to meet the criterion of maximum pleasure, but this time I found myself creating a fragrance that first and foremost had to be effective. 
Nature offers huge possibilities, but we are now used to working with synthetic products.

When POP declared that it wanted to use only natural extracts for the technical device, I found myself facing an unprecedented challenge. I overcame it after countless attempts, creating the very essence of wellbeing: unique, recognisable and impossible to clone. It had to be a pleasant, intense fragrance but one that users would continue to consider pleasant even after many hours of use.”
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“I have protected the idea of POP as we know it and patented all its possible applications.”
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She selects only the most ambitious projects
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She is a recognised talent in global patent protection
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Expert in comprehensive protection of companies and services
A global patent
“POP helps to protect people’s health, encouraging them to use masks, and my mission was to protect POP. The company appointed me to patent in every country the diffusion of any type of solid, liquid or volatile substance inside a mask by means of any type of device, whether electronic or static.

In addition to the technical part of the patent, I was also involved in protecting its social role: the improved ability to protect thanks to the wider use of masks. I therefore created an umbrella patent capable of protecting these characteristics both individually and in synergy.”
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“I have created a process to best express the potential of the outstanding experts involved.”
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A black belt in process efficiency and lean management in Italy
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A specialist in sustainable industrialisation
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An expert in the human-centric physics of materials
Operation Manager
Humanising the process
“A technical device with the ambitious aim of having a primary role in protecting individuals and society could only start from here. I identified the project’s values, comparing them with society’s values.

I mapped the activities of the outstanding experts involved, ensuring that each could express its full potential. I found myself converting machinery intended for other purposes and making them into prototypes, to produce a product that had never existed before. No detail was too small to be irrelevant, no scenario too vast not to be considered. The incremental improvement of each step is what has enabled POP to reach the general public in good time.”
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“I have decided to lend my face to POP: it is rare to find such a scientifically sound project.”
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Regular guest on the most trusted news programmes and most popular broadcasts
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On the front line against the invisible enemy of misinformation
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Deals with popularisation that is accessible to everyone
Believing in innovation
SIMA is a company that brings together the most authoritative figures of the Italian scientific community. It collects international data, analyses it and then proposes shared models of the balance between humans and the environment within the EU.

SIMA stood out at the height of the Covid-19 period for its accessible scientific popularisation, issuing accurate news and updates thanks to its fast track to the heads of various governments’ Crisis Units. This is why validation by the President of SIMA, Professor Alessandro Miani, is a prestigious achievement for a technical device like POP as he testifies to the truth of the information and qualities attributed to the product.