Innovation activated by your fingers.

The calibrated mixture of essential oils that constitutes the POP formula contains its great balsamic power. Applicable to all masks, its natural extracts penetrate through the biocompatible membrane, ensuring the agreeable gradual and lasting diffusion of the product.

How it is made

Thanks to advice from partners who are leading producers of biomedical support materials, POP has created a technical device that is ideal for purifying the air and which meets requirements for strength, aesthetics and sensory gratification. A synthesis of the best biocompatible materials and natural extracts for maximum activity and enjoyment.

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The extruded tank
For the tank that contains the active core of POP, we chose a material composed of advanced polymers and used a delicate extrusion process.
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The active microsphere
The calibrated mixture of fine balsamic essential oils is put into a microsphere, using a process conducted at a safe temperature. The microsphere thus has the ideal strength, elasticity and pliability. What does this mean for you? It has been designed to withstand everyday knocks but opens easily when you press it with your fingers.
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The biocompatible membrane with controlled permeability
Do you know what the purpose of a cell membrane is? On the one hand, it holds its (valuable) contents while, on the other, it is a way to communicate with the outside. Following this metaphor, we have created a membrane that is fully biocompatible and suitable for close contact with the mucous membranes of nose and mouth (which are particularly sensitive to nearby extraneous materials).
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The foam disc
This foam disc, made of fine micro-vulcanised polymers, has an irregular weave that softens any pressure and minor trauma to the POP structure. This mechanism makes POP completely practical and prevents any leakage of the product.
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The protective film
A very fine layer of high-performance adhesive covered by a protective film ensures that it sticks perfectly to any type of mask. This ensures perfect adherence and keeps POP in the desired position until it is replaced. With peace of mind, we mean. You can enjoy yourself all day long and then think about replacing it the next day.